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Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower HRM520

Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower HRM520 is designed with a lithium-ion 22.2V battery and covers up to 0.75 acres. With 3 programmable cutting patterns you can choose random, directional or mixed patterns to optimize performance on different lawn types. Three special blades automatically switches between clockwise and counterclockwise, decreasing wear while increasing the life span of the blades. Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower HRM520 sensors detect any contact with obstacles and changes direction. Engage quiet mode to reduce noise and mow day or night.

Click here to learn more about Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower.

* Li-ion 22.2V battery
* 3 cutting patterns
* Covers up to .37 acres
* Blades spin clockwise or counterclockwise
* 360 degree awareness sensors
* Day and night modes
* Recharging system
* Seasonal timer
* Anti-Theft Security

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