Performance Protection Program

Performance Protection Program Overview

Purchase a select commercial walk-behind or rider used for commercial cutting, and receive the Weingartz Exclusive “Performance Protection Program.” If you bring your mower in for repair, it will be repaired within an hour or you will receive a comparable machine as a loaner free of charge until your machine is completed. The customer agrees to return the loaner within 24 hours of notification of repair completion. This “Performance Protection Program” will remain in effect until the end of the calendar year. This program will be a free-of-charge benefit from time of initial purchase until the end of that calendar year. Also, the “Performance Protection Program” may be purchased at any time during the lifetime of the machine (original owner) according to the fee schedule below. The additional “Performance Protection Program” time may be purchased at any time and will entitle the owner all of the benefits of the program from the time of purchase until the end of that calendar year.

Here’s an example of how the program works: Customer purchases a qualified commercial mower in March of 2015. He is entitled to the service and loaner benefits of the “Performance Protection Program” free-of-charge until December 31, 2015 The customer then needs the machine repaired in July of 2016 and needs immediate service or a loaner machine. He then purchases an additional year of the program, receives a loaner, and is covered until December 31, 2016 It's that simple! See below for added bonus.

As an added bonus, anyone who purchases additional “Performance Protection Program” coverage for a machine between January 1st and February 28th will receive a FREE tune-up and inspection of that machine (parts are extra). This service will give you a list of other recommended work as well as a free estimate of having those repairs done. This bonus allows customers who want to make sure that their equipment is covered for the following year to take advantage of a free service for buying early.

2016 “Performance Protection Program” Charges

Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers --- $249.95 w/ Hydro Change Included now!

Commercial Riding Mowers --- $299.95 w/ Hydro Change Included now!

(Prices Subject to Change Year to Year)

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