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At-Home Maintenance

Our factory-certified technicians service your equipment with our large in-stock selection of parts. Our prices are right,  and  your  satisfaction  is  guaranteed. Why settle for less? See Weingartz now! Call to schedule your service. 

This service is available at the following locations: Ann Arbor, Clarkston, Farmington Hills, Utica

  • Replace oil filter and change engine oil
  • Replace spark plug(s) and fuel filter
  • Replace (or clean) air filter
  • Flush fuel system (if necessary)
  • Sharpen (or replace) mower blades* and clean under deck
  • Test ignition system, charging system, and battery
  • Clean battery terminals and cooling system
  • Check and adjust RPM's
  • Check and adjust clutch (if necessary)
  • Check and adjust brakes/emergency brake system
  • Check and adjust tire pressure (as needed)
  • Lubricate all pivot points and cables
  • Inspect all belts, pulleys and overall operation of unit
  • Inspect and test all safety features

PRICE: $259.95

*Cost of blades additional if requiring replacement

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