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Blower can interfere with headphone radios

Q: I don’t think this is a lawn and garden question, but my wife asked me to e-mail this question anyway! When I wear my head phones that have a built-in radio in them I hear a buzzing noise while using my backpack blower. The buzzing noise gets lower and higher when I rev the engine up from idle to high speed. Is this something to do with my backpack blower?

A: Good question. Check your spark plug to see if it is a resistor spark plug. The resistor spark plug incorporates a ceramic resistor of 5 k ohms to suppress ignition noise generated during sparking. It removes noises interfering with car radios, mobile communication and cellular phones. It also prevents incorrect operation of electronic fuel injection control systems. A resistor spark plug will have an “R” in the part number indicating it is a resistor plug. Have a great day and by the way – always follow your wife’s advice – no question is a dumb question.

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