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Snow thrower not throwing as far?

Q: I have a Toro snow blower that has started on the first pull every time for 10 years. However, it does not seem to throw the snow as far as it used to. Is there some type of routine maintenance that should be done to improve performance?

A: There are a couple of things to check to resolve this issue:

  • Check the wear on the paddles. Toro snow blowers have a wear mark on the paddles (it is a small pinhole). If it’s worn past that mark, it’s time to replace the paddles. The gap on the paddles and the auger housing should be very tight. If the gap is not tight, the snow blower won’t pick up as much snow and throw it as far.

  • Check the wear on the scraper bar. The scraper bar on the bottom of the housing serves as a protection for the housing and will also aid in picking up the snow.

  • Also check the belt wear and tension. Depending on the model of Toro snow blower, there may be a cable that connects to the auger engagement handle. This handle might have different positions for the cable to connect to, thus making the cable and belt tension tighter. You can also remove the side plate of the snow blower to access the belt and check for tension and wear.

2 thoughts on “Snow thrower not throwing as far?

  1. I have a toro snow hound 25” cut I have painted the shute ad augur and inside body. When the snow becomes a bit wet it clogs the shute and the augur just throw snow in front of it not threw the shute.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for your question, Lenny. Based on what you’ve told us, it’s possible that you may need a new auger belt. If the machine throws snow without a problem when it’s drier, but struggles to throw the snow when it’s wet (i.e., heavier), then the belt is most likely slipping in heavier snow. This causes it to not throw.

      It is also possible that the engine could be worn out because of the machine’s age. This would become more apparent as you try to clear heavier loads.

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our stores for more information (locations here: Thanks!

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