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Different types of tiller blades or tines

Q.  What are the different types of blades available on tillers?  

A.  Tiller blades are also known as tines. The tiller tine cultivates and moves through the soil. There are three types of tiller tines: Bolo, Pick and Chisel, and Slasher.

The standard tines that come with most machines are Bolo tines. These are used for deep tilling with little clogging.

On the other hand, Pick and Chisel tines are slightly curved and used for hard or rocky soil. Yet, these tines can easily clog in vegetation.

For heavy vegetation or soil with roots, you will want to use the Slasher tine. These tines are short and sharp. It is important that you keep your Slasher tines very sharp in order to obtain good results.

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