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How to mix the correct ratio of fuel and oil

In the video below a Weingartz expert explains how to mix the proper ratio of fuel and oil for your lawn care needs.

  • Always make sure to label fuel containers properly
  • This is to prevent using the wrong fuel for a particular item, as doing this can cause damage
  • Mid-grade 89 Octane Fuel
  • Premium 2-stroke oil
  • For 1 gallon of gas mix 2.6 fl oz of oil
  • For 2 gallons of gas mix 5.2 fl oz
  • For landscapers, use container that comes with measuring cup to mix bulk quantities
  • 1 gallon at a time recommended for homeowners

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2 thoughts on “How to mix the correct ratio of fuel and oil

  1. Do you put the oil in the gas can first and then add gas or vice versa? Does it matter which way? How readily does the oil disperse into the gas? Do I need to shake the mixture? Does the oil settle out of the gas over time?
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Charles–

      Thanks for your questions. We recommend putting your oil and any fuel stabilizer you are going use into the can first, then filling the can with gas. Gas and oil can separate over time, so make sure to give the can and/or equipment a slight shake before filling or starting. Hope this helps!

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