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How to Replace the Chain on a Chainsaw

In the video below, a Weingartz expert demonstrates how to replace the chain on a chainsaw. Please refer to your owner’s manual for detailed safety procedures.

  • Make sure chainsaw is not running
  • Locate the bar to the saw
  • Loosen the nuts
  • Loosen the adjusting screw located in between the two nuts
  • Remove the nuts
  • Remove the side cover
  • Dust off any sawdust debris that may have built up
  • Pull the bar off of the stud
  • Remove the chain from the drum
  • Ensure that the bar is not twisted or bent after removing
  • Clean the groove and oil holes of the bar
  • Get out the new chain; feel free to wear gloves if you feel uncomfortable with the sharpness of the chain
  • Set the bar back onto the stud
  • Make sure the cutting teeth on the chain are facing away from you
  • Set the chain on the back of the drum
  • Guide the teeth of the chain into the bar
  • Do the same with the bottom of the bar
  • Reinstall the side case
  • Put the two nuts on
  • Make sure the chain spins freely
  • To tighten the chain, tighten the adjusting screw by using a clockwise motion
  • Hold the bar slightly upwards and tighten the nuts
  • Check that the chain break is working properly

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