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The Dog Days of Summer

Heat advisory, Ozone Action Day, Scorcher; all different names for the same thing, hot!  You hear it every morning either on TV or on the radio. The newcaster is predicting another hot, humid day.  All of this is an indication that we are deep in the dog days of summer.

Everyone has heard it before, the dog days of summer, but what does it really mean?  The dog days of summer fall from July 3rd to August 11th, the 40 hottest days of summer according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.  Traditionally, the dog days of summer also coincide with the days of the year with the least rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere.  The term dog days actually came from the Ancient Romans and their belief that Sirius, which is one the largest stars of the Canis Major constellation, was the “dog star”.  During the summer months the star Sirius appeared to rise and set with the sun and the Romans believed that the “dog star” added to the heat provided by the sun.  Over time, the Egyptians also argued this to be true.  We now know however, that the increased heat during the dog days of summer is due to the tilt of the earth, allowing the northern hemisphere to receive more direct sunlight.

Whatever the cause, the dog days of summer are hot and miserable for most.  This is the time of year when you drive down the street and see yellow and brown lawns because of the blistering heat and lack of rain.  But, even your lawn can survive the dog days of summer!  Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn green and healthy even when the weather does not cooperate.  First, you need to keep your lawn hydrated.  During this stretch of time there is typically not a lot of rainfall so it is important to keep your lawn hydrated.  When thinking about hydration it is important to water your lawn correctly.  When watering, you need to water deeply.  Many people turn sprinklers on briefly each day, but in order for the water to reach the roots a long thorough soak is necessary.  Also, to get the most out of your watering it is important to water your lawn before the heat of the day.  That way the water is less likely to evaporate before it reaches the roots.  Ideally you should water your lawn before 10:00 am.  Another important consideration to make is how you are mowing.  During the summer months your lawn will stay healthier if you mow your lawn regularly with your blades set at 3.5 to 4 inches.  This will help to shade the soil, promote root growth and preserve moisture.

With a little work and patience your lawn will be able to survive the dog days of summer looking lush and green.  Now remember, when you are working on that lawn in the hot sun to keep yourself hydrated and try to stay cool so that you too can survive the dog days of summer.

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