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Why Did My Chainsaw Stop?

Q. I just had my chainsaw chain professionally sharpened. I reinstalled the chain on my saw and went to cut wood. After cutting through the bark, the chain stopped cutting. What is wrong?

A. The chain may be on backwards. The chain turns clockwise on the bar. Check to see if the cutters are pointing away from you when they are on the top of the bar and towards you when they are on the bottom of the bar. If not, simply turn the chain around. Need a new chain for your chainsaw? Click here to find one with our easy parts lookup!

2 thoughts on “Why Did My Chainsaw Stop?

  1. I need the spring for the snow shoot control rod. This directs the snow from side too side. I have a MTD 28″ 10 hp model 31AE664G500 i think its a 1998 model purchase from sears.

    I can’t find it anywhere online. Can u assist.



    • Dennis,

      I was not able to bring up that MTD snow blower model number – Yet, I looked at all the snow blowers that have similar model numbers and they all use #CC984-0022. You can order the part by clicking here or give us a call at 855-669-7278. We are happy to help.

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