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What is the difference between a Snowblower or Snowthrower?

Snowblower or Snowthrower?

Snowblower or Snowthrower? We tend to use the two terms interchangeably, but they are not the same. A “snowthrower” refers to a single stage snow removal machine that picks up the snow in one motion and throws it out the chute with the continuation of that movement. The term “single stage” describes the fact that the snow is thrown in one single movement.

A Snowblower refers to a two stage snow removal machine. The auger scoops up the snow, which is the first stage, and feeds it to the impeller which blows the snow out the chute for the second stage. The “blower” part seems appropriate since the impeller operates much like a fan, except is much more powerful.

Single Stage Snowthrowers – Snowblower or Snowthrower?

Snowblower or Snowthrower? Snowthrowers are smaller machines than Snowblowers. The single stage, while effective at snow removal, does not throw snow as far as a two stage model, but single stage snowthrowers are less expensive. Single stage snowthrowers are ideal for lighter use, less than 10 inches of snowfall, and are easier to maneuver due to their lighter weight. They are typically used by consumers. Single stage Snowblowers tend to have smaller clearing widths as well, so if you have large areas or deep snow to clear, it is recommended to choose a two stage Snowblower. The augers are typically made of plastic or hard rubber and will come in contact with the ground. This allows single stage snowthrowers to clear snow all the way down to the pavement. Because of this, you should only use a single stage Snowblower on a paved surface not gravel, because it can be thrown. A two stage Snowblower is recommended for gravel surfaces.

Two Stage Snowblowers – Snowblower or Snowthrower?

Two stage Snowblowers are bigger and more powerful. Some can blow snow up to 50 feet with relative accuracy. Two stage Snowblowers are also wider, lending themselves to being able to take fewer passes to clear a large area and are generally recommended for people who have more than a sidewalk to clear. They also have taller intakes, making them able to handle deep snow drifts. Their metal augers do not impact the ground, so they can be used on any surface including gravel. The width and power of a two stage Snowblower make them able to clear large areas much quicker and throw snow higher and farther. Two stage Snowblowers have wheels or tracks and can be outfitted with tire chains. Depending on the model, two stage Snowblowers are suitable for consumer and commercial use. Features on the two stage can include headlights, large tires with deep lugs with optional chains and power steering, if you want to clear your snow quickly and not worry about heavy snowfall; it is recommended that you choose a two stage Snowblower.

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Snowblower or Snowthrower Parts Search

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