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How to Replace Paddles and Scraper Bars on a Single Stage Snow Blower

Your snow blower’s paddles and scraper bar protect your machine’s housing. Scraper bars also scrape stubborn layers of snow loose and scoop it into the auger housing where it is thrown away by the paddles.

Unlike your snow blower, there is no foolproof way to care for your snow blower’s paddles and scraper bar. Your paddles and scraper bar will wear over time. It’s normal and happens to everyone. Paddles and scraper bar wear and tear is inevitable; however it helps to know when the paddles and scraper bar on your single stage snow blower need to be replaced.

Here are some indicators:

Your snow blower is leaving snow behind. A worn scraper bar no longer clears snow as well as it did before. If this is the case with your snow blower it’s time to replace your scraper bar. As a result of your machine leaving snow behind you may feel the urge to push your snow blower down into the cement. Avoid doing so. This causes more damage to your already worn scraper bar.

Your snow blower doesn’t blow snow as far. If snow is going in and coming back out of your machine, it’s time to replace the paddles.

Track paddles wear. Your snow blower paddles have wear indicator holes on them, making it easy to keep track of their wear. Take a look at the wear indicator holes in the paddles. When the rubber paddles are worn to the holes, it is time to replace the paddles.

Check scraper bar wear. It’s a good idea to check the scraper bar for wear at this time. Paddles and scraper bars usually wear at the same rate so get in the habit of replacing both at the same time.

Before performing any repair or maintenance on your snow blower, follow these safety precautions: shut off the engine and allow it to cool, and disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent your machine from starting.

How to Replace Snow Blower Paddles

To carry out this task, you’ll need these tools: wrench, power drill, and a needle nose vice grip.

Your snow blower’s paddle is held in place by a few nuts and bolts. Remove the ones in the center of the paddle first. Place the wrench around the nuts on the outside of the paddle and use your power drill to remove the bolts. There are more nuts and bolts on the side of the paddle; these are more difficult to remove so you’ll need to change the drill bit to a torx bit.

Place your wrench on the outside of the nuts and use your drill to remove the bolts as you did with the bolts in the center of the paddle. Once all bolts are removed, remove the rubber paddle itself.

To properly place the new paddles on your snow blower, be mindful of the threads that are molded into the paddle. They are located on one side of the paddle and the other side is solid rubber. Make sure the thread side is up as the paddle goes into the scooping motion to scoop snow up and throw it out the shoot.

Place your new paddles on the snow blower, with the thread side up, and install the bolts through the center first. Leave the bolts hand tight until every bolt is installed. Reinstall the other nuts and bolts that were previously removed. It may help to use a needle nose vice grip to secure the nuts to reinstall on the side of the paddle.

Use your needle nose vice grip to hold the nuts in place while. Apply pressure to the bolts with your power drill to tighten them. Tighten all other bolts. Change your drill bit to tighten the bolts in the center.

How to Replace a Snow Blower Scraper Bar

To carry out this task, you’ll need these tools: power drill.

The scraper bar is held in place by three bolts. Use the power drill to remove the bolts, and pull the scraper bar off your snow blower. Put the new scraper bar on your unit, and put the screws back in through the housing and through the scraper bar. Put the removed nuts on the bottom of the screws. Begin tightening them with your hands, and then use the power drill to make sure you’re turning the right way and to tighten the nuts.

While replacing the paddles and scraper bar on your single stage snow blower is a seemingly simple task, performing the maintenance yourself bring it to us and we’ll perform the speedy repair.


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