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Buyer’s Guide to Chainsaws

Maintaining a clean and neat looking yard is important and easy when you have the proper equipment. Chainsaws take care of messy fallen limbs and allow you to tackle tree felling and cleanup, firewood cutting, and other light to large cutting jobs. Here is a guide to help you decide which chainsaw is right for you.

Aspects to consider when selecting a chainsaw:

Type of Chainsaw

Gas chainsaws range in sizes and tackle a variety of small and large tasks. Smaller sizes are lightweight, easy to handle, and best for occasional use. Larger models are better for heavy use and hard trees with larger diameters.

Electric chainsaws have a cord that needs to be plugged in to operate. These lightweight models complete tasks without producing exhaust emissions are best for light trimming jobs.

Battery-powered chainsaws are cordless and start easily with the squeeze of a trigger. They are much quieter than gas-powered models. Though compact and lightweight these saws deliver strong, consistent power.

Type of Gas Powered Chainsaw

Top handle models allow you to control the chainsaw from the top. These are primarily used for work in a tree or when handling low hanging branches, making them popular among professional arborists.

Rear handle chainsaws have both a front and rear handle which allows for better mobility and versatility. These models are easy to control due to the wide space between the front and rear handles.

Bar Length

For home use 14, 16, and 18-inch bars are best. Bars run as large as 40 inches for professional use. These saws come with anti-vibration systems and large-diameter caps that can be removed easily.


Different chainsaw models are equipped with different features. All models will not have all features as they greatly vary. Chainsaw features include an anti-vibration system, quick chain adjuster, chain catcher, decompression valve, side-access chain tensioner, and toolless fuel and oil caps,

All chainsaws are designed with a chain braking system to prevent injuries. Professional-grade saws for prolonged usage may be lightweight but still hold much horsepower.


Regular maintenance and saw chain care are necessary for the longevity of your chainsaw. Sharp chains are important and it is always a good idea to have a spare chain.

Additional maintenance is needed based on your chainsaw type. Electric and battery-powered saws require battery care. A gas powered saw requires regular oil, bar oil reservoir, and air filter changes.

Feel free to contact us for any of your chainsaw maintenance needs.

Protective and Work Wear

Ear and eye protection are incredibly important to prevent injuries. Helmet systems are available; system includes a hard hat with attached face shield and built-in ear protection. Working with your hands is no easy task so protect them with gloves. These gloves provide grip and can help reduce vibration. They will keep your hands protected and comfortable so find the right pair for your outdoor tasks. You may also consider a pair of chaps to prevent leg injuries.

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