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Buyer’s Guide to Leaf Blowers

Maintaining a clean and neat looking yard is troublesome when you’re not prepared with the proper equipment. When you’re stuck with leaves, leftover grass clippings, and other debris, a leaf blower is your best defense. They clean the unwanted mess from your lawn and walkways quickly, leaving you more time to handle other tasks. There are a few aspects to consider when buying leaf blowers and this guide will help simplify the buying process.

Aspect to consider when selecting leaf blowers:

Type of Leaf Blower

Electric leaf blowers are powered by a cord, meaning no fuel mixing or exhaust emissions. These blowers are lightweight and perfect for homeowners looking for a quiet, low-maintenance yet fast and convenient machine.

Gas blowers are perfect for all yard tasks. They’re louder and a bit heavier than electric blowers. Many gas-powered models are equipped with anti-vibration systems and a trigger lock for extended use.

Battery-powered are lightweight and start with the squeeze of a trigger. These cordless blowers are easy to use and do not require any gasoline of fuel mixing.

Wheeled leaf blowers are heavier and harder to maneuver in comparison to the other models, but they packed with the most power. Push leaf blowers are best for commercial application. When buying a push blower, look for large wheels.

Handheld vs. Backpack Blowers

Leaf blower sizes range from light commercial use to heavier professional use. Whether you’re doing weekly yard, deck, and driveway cleanup, clearing a large area, or operating for extended blowing times, there’s a blower that suits your range of activity.

Handheld leaf blowers have a lightweight and compact design. Gas handheld models are heavier, louder, and require more maintenance than electric and battery-powered blowers. Gas backpack blowers are heavier than handhelds. They also offer more power while transferring weight from your arms to your back and shoulders. Backpack units are larger and can pick up 30% to 70% more power than a handheld blower. The throttle comes on the tube or the side of the backpack blower.

Shredder Vacs

Depending on the manufacturer, vacuum systems are available on leaf blowers. Shredder vacs are two tools in one: a fuel efficient blower and a shredder capable of transforming multiple bags of leaves into a single bag of clippings. Buyers can easily convert to handheld blower and back to a shredder, depending on the yard task.

Air Speed and Air Volume

Air speed is necessary for light debris and air volume is necessary for heavier debris. Electric leaf blowers typically deliver great air speeds, while gas blowers deliver better air volume.


Leaf blowers can be really loud. Be mindful of the decibels (dBa) of your blower and wear hearing protection. Blowers that are relatively quiet at a distance can be deafening to the person operating them. In addition to hearing protection, consider wearing goggles and a dust mask to protect you from flying debris.


Regular maintenance is necessary for the longevity of your leaf blower, but additional maintenance may be needed based on your mower type.


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