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Essential Equipment For Lawn Maintenance

Many people that are mowing their lawn for the first time are curious what equipment they might be able to use to help make their yard look great. Besides a lawn mower, here are some things that can be useful for lawn maintenance.

Lawn Care Essential – Line Trimmer

A line trimmer and blower are almost as essential as a mower when it comes to maintaining a great yard. The line trimmer cuts down the straggling grass around your trees and fences. Line trimmers are easy to use and aid in hard-to-reach areas that mowers leave behind.

Lawn Care Essential –Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers make lawn cleanup a breeze. They take care of lawn clippings, leaves, and other debris, quickly clearing sidewalks and beds. They are available in handheld and backpack models.

Lawn Care Essential – Edger

Using a lawn edger gives that manicured finishing touch around walks and driveways – they are available in handheld and walk behind models. Use an edger along your driveway, patio, or sidewalk for crisp lines and borders that frame your yard perfectly.

Lawn Care Essential – Chainsaw

When the trees start to get overgrown or wind causes damage, a chainsaw can be a huge time saver to make quick work of trimming trees and cutting up fallen branches. Chainsaws take care of messy fallen limbs and allow you to tackle tree felling and cleanup, firewood cutting, and other light to large cutting jobs.

Lawn Care Essential – Hedge Trimmer

A line of shrubs can be beautiful in the landscape, but when they are uneven and overgrown, a hedge trimmer can make a tough job much easier. This tool is lightweight, easy to use, and designed to deliver the cutting power you need for large and small tasks. Whether you’re a homeowner or landscape professional, a hedge trimmer is a perfect tool to add to your arsenal.

Lawn Care Essential – Multi-Tool

If you’re limited on space, a multi-tool can be a great option due to the ability to convert to several different power tools.

You don’t have to be a professional to have your lawn look great. If you want advice from the experts, contact us here.


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