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5 Common Lawn Care Problems and Solutions

Every year our lawns suffer the stress of all sorts of wandering feet, hot and cold temps and a number of different types of diseases. A beautiful lawn really does have a hard life. Continue reading our post to learn about some of the most common lawn care problems and what you can do to help restore your lawn back to beautiful again.

Lawn Care Problem #1 – Grass Discoloration

Yellow spots, pale grass, and other discoloration are eyesores and usually caused by an iron and nitrogen deficiency. To remove this discoloration, you may need to apply fertilizer to the spots.

Other unwanted spots, and mildew, may also show up as a result of winter’s harsh weather. To prevent them, fertilize your lawn in August and September to improve resistance. Also increase the cutting height of your grass and your lawn will be better prepared to withstand winter weather.

Lawn Care Problem #2 – Diseases

Fungal diseases are another problem that affects the appearance of your lawn. There is a variety of fungi that can poison your lawn and these conditions help aid the growth of that fungi: over fertilization, incorrect pH, thick lawn thatch, and a thick layer of leaves in the winter.

The best protection against fungal diseases is a well-kept and healthy lawn. When fungi occur, it’s ideal to seek out help from a lawn care specialist.

Lawn Care Problem #3 – Weeds

Brief rain showers and persistent warm weather play a large role in the amount of grass you see growing. Sometimes, that growing grass is accompanied by weeds. Weeds usually indicate that your lawn is suffering from low nutrient levels.

Digging weeds out of your lawn is the best solution to this problem. Fertilizer and frequent mowing at a high cutting height are also ideal. Using good quality seeds is another way to prevent the growth of weeds.

Lawn Care Problem #4 – Moss

Moss grows in areas where your lawn has retreated, and will not replace your healthy grass. Moss often grows in damp or shaded areas, such as under trees.

Cutting grass too short allows moss to thrive, so raise the cutting height when mowing and use fertilizer to combat this problem. Since moss grows in damp and shady areas, you need to improve these areas which generally mean sowing with a grass seed mixture and fertilization.

Lawn Care Problem #5 – Pet Damage

If you’re a pet owner, you most likely know that there is a fine line between letting your pet roam freely and keeping a tidy lawn. While animals make great companions, they’re not always a “yard’s best friend.”

Pet’s waste and play areas can lead to brown spots, bare patches, and holes in your lawn. To rectify these problems, pick up pet droppings as soon as possible and douse urine spots with water to dilute nitrogen levels. Try keeping animals on a patio, gravel-covered area, or other hard surface where constant running will have less impact, and discourage digging.

While all of these issues are common among lawns, every lawn is different. Some lawns may experience all of these problems while others experience none. Spend time getting to know your lawn and evaluate its behavior. As a result you will have an easier time identifying when an issue occurs. Above all, do your best to maintain a well-kept and healthy lawn. If you have any other lawn care problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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