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Toro Walk Behind Lawn Mower Front Wheel Replacement

It is normal for your walk behind lawn mower to have an issue or two that needs fixing over time. Fixing smaller issues, like replacing the wheel on your mower, plays a significant role in your ability to achieve a well-manicured and healthy lawn. A little maintenance goes a long way so spend a little time on your mower’s maintenance this spring with this how-to guide. Here’s how to replace a Toro walk behind lawn mower front wheel.

Before performing any repair or maintenance on your mower, please follow these safety precautions: shut off the lawn mower engine and allow it to cool, disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting.

To carry out this task, you’ll need these tools: Toro Part Wheel Assembly 115-2894, ratchet, 13 millimeter socket, and a 2 x 4 piece of wood.

To replace the front wheel of your Toro walk behind lawn mower, place the 2×4 piece of wood under the mower to prop up the machine. Use the ratchet with the 13 mm socket to loosen the bolt on the wheel. When removing the wheel cover backer, there is a small washer that you will need when reinstalling the wheel; it fits right back into the cover. If you misplace that washer, the washer part number is 614426; you can purchase another one from our store or online here.

Once the wheel is removed, inspect it for any type of dirt or debris, and make sure there are no cracks or other damage. Check the wheel teeth for any uneven wear or broken teeth. If there is damage or broken teeth, purchase a new Toro Parts Wheel Assembly 115-2894.

The mower contains a drive gear, which is attached to the transmission to drive the wheel. The drive gear also has teeth, and if these are broken just purchase a new one as well, part number 110-9417.

Inspect the bolt that was removed. Clean the bolt of any debris before reinstalling. Install the bolt through the wheel by hand. Reinstall the small washer and backing plate. When you put the backing plate on, there is a hole for the drive gear. Reinsert the drive gear, and put the wheel back on.

When reinstalling the bolt, do so by hand. If you use any tools you run the risk of stripping out the bolt or the adapter that it’s bolted to. Simply put the wheel on finger tight, and use the ratchet to make it tight and finish the job. Lastly, give the wheel a quarter turn to make sure it’s tight. Check the wheel to make sure it rolls freely and that you don’t have anything lose or binding. Remove the 2 x 4 piece of wood and you’re done.

While replacing the front wheel of your Toro walk behind lawn mower using Toro Parts Wheel Assembly 115-2894 is a seemingly simple task, if you are uncomfortable repairing the mower yourself, bring it to us and we’ll perform the speedy repair.

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