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Tips for a Great Backyard Party

Backyard Party Tips

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors. With the warm weather and 16 hours of daylight to enjoy, many of us want to spend our days enjoying cool refreshments at a backyard party. Though this is the perfect time to have a party, there’s one thing that can put a damper on the festivities – an unattractive lawn. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or kid’s birthday party, your backyard should be aesthetically pleasing so here are some tips to achieve a party-worthy backyard.

Mow the lawn

A great backyard party starts with a great lawn so break out the lawn mower and cut the grass. This is a given, but sometimes we neglect our backyards and focus on the front lawn since it’s what our neighbors and visitors see daily.

Remove Weeds

If you‘ve ignored your backyard for months, you may have to tackle weeds that popped up in the spring. One weed can ruin a beautiful yard so rid yourself of them now before they continue to grow and spread.


Mulch increases the health of your lawn and garden and discourages weeds. There are a number of mulching methods from grass clippings to organic mulch and wood chips. Different mulching methods provide different benefits for your yard so do your research before choosing a mulching method.

Take care of your trees

Prune dead, damaged, and diseased branches. Pruning promotes healthy trees so by removing dead or damaged branches you are preventing decay organisms from invading the tree. Pruning can also encourage growth in sparse areas of a tree or restrict growth if too much growth is unappealing to you.

Clean up walks and driveways

An edger can add the perfect finishing touch to your yard. Use an edger around walkways and driveways, as well as along your patio or other concrete areas in your backyard, for crisp lines and borders that outline your yard perfectly.

Add color

If you plan your party enough time in advance, you’ll have time to plant some flowers. Flowers aren’t a must, but there’s no denying they enhance the look and feel of your yard.


In the midst of tending to your lawn, don’t forget to make your party special for your guests. Why host a party without providing a party look and feel? Make sure there are enough food, tables, chairs, and entertainment for each of your attendees.

It’s hard to stay indoors with long days and warm weather upon us. A party is a great reason to improve your backyard landscape. However, whether or not you’re hosting a party, make sure you don’t neglect your backyard. Use our tips to create a beautiful backyard space, even if you’re the only one looking at it.

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