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Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers

Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers are offered in three different models, 24, 28 and 32 inch widths. All models are available with wheel drive or track drive. Wheel drive offers great traction and easy maneuverability on flatter areas. Track drive offers great traction as well and is useful when working on uneven surfaces, inclines and icy grounds.

All Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers have a heavy-duty serrated auger which breaks through tough snow and feeds it into the second stage impeller which allows the machine to throw snow, depending on conditions, up to 50 feet.

There is a control lever to engage the drive and one for the auger. With these levers, you can take one hand off to operate your chute control and still have the auger driving. These machines also have a joystick control, and this feature is something very unique to Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers. Your blower does need to be running to use the feature, and with it you can move your deflector chute up or down and control the directional change from right to left.

Another feature unique to Honda is the hydrostatic drive transmission, which is something you normally see on a lawn tractor. It’s a maintenance-free drive system with no clutching and no shifting. Move the lever forward or backward to go in the direction you want, at the speed you want. The further you push forward the faster your snow blower goes. To reverse, pull the lever back.

Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers have turning clutches. While using your machine, squeeze the left or right control levers to turn left or right. Though these machines are large, the control levers make maneuvering and transporting very easy.

All Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers come standard with an LED headlight that provides high visibility for users. Adjustable front skid shoes keep the blower from scraping the ground or tossing stones in the gravel. Skid shoes leaves behind a little bit of snow in order to protect your blower and concrete.

Honda HSS Series Snow Blowers are designed with commercial-grade Honda GX engines. Second to none in the industry, these are long-lasting and easy starting engines. They’re available in pull start and electric start models. Most electric start snow blowers on the market are 110 volts and need to be plugged into a wall but Honda has a 12-volt battery-powered system. You don’t have to plug it in, just tap the key to start. If the blower stalls, you just turn the key versus having to pull it back up to an extension cord. That’s a very nice and unique feature on Hondas that you don’t find on other two stage blowers.

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