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Buyer’s Guide to Exmark Radius Series Zero Turn Riders

Exmark Radius Series Zero Turn Riders

Exmark Radius series zero turn riders are available in an E, S and X series.

Exmark Radius E Series zero turn riders

The Radius E series is Exmark’s entry level to the Radius line. With all the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders there are very heavy-duty frames, taking a lot of them from the commercial side. Exmark is the leading commercial motor manufacturer. They put a lot of these same features into their mowers which really are designed for both residential and commercial application.

The E series is equipped with a heavy frame, double sided heavy-duty yokes, big heavy bearing assemblies for added strength and durability, and the wide smooth front tires to eliminate a lot of turfing when you’re turning in those soft conditions. There is a tube or jack stand on the front of the mowers next to the front left tire. This is designed to attach a jack with a single pin and raise your mower deck to get underneath for cleaning or changing your blades.

The step through design allows taller operators to climb on the front and Exmark added a non-skid pad on the deck in case you prefer to enter from the side to get onto the mower. Exmark has done a lot to help with maintenance and cleaning. The floor pan flips up and can be easily removed if you want to clean your deck. The Radius E series also has nice rubber mounts which help absorb some of the vibration to your feet.

Another nice feature with the E series, they have a floor pan assembly system that is rubber mounted. Sometimes you may hear the mower deck rattling and shaking, this system helps stabilize that deck to give it a truer height of cut and to eliminate a lot of that vibration. Also, on the maintenance side, to get to your belts on the side Exmark has an assembly that just slides off. These mowers are also designed with heavy-duty commercial pulleys, pulley assemblies, a heavier belt that has Kevlar for added strength and durability. It’s also heat resistant and gives you much longer life than your conventional belts.

Exmark calls the deck a Series 3 deck and it’s a 3 inch deep deck, and much heavier deck than most fabricated decks. It’s fully welded versus tack welded for strength and durability. With anti-scalp rollers in the front of the mower, if you hit a high spot they help raise your deck and are adjustable depending on the height of cut you’re mowing at. Large drive tires allow you to mow at 8 mph and gives you a smooth ride.

The Exmark Radius E series mowers sport a nice comfortable seat that’s easy to adjustable with a single lever. These mowers probably have the nicest deck cutting system adjustment on the market. There’s a foot pedal to raise your deck up and a pin to pull that is held in with a magnet. To set your height in quarter inch increments from 1 to 5 inches, just drop the pin into the desired setting and set it back in place.

All the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders are available in 48, 52, and 60-inch mower decks and because these are designed for commercial applications they use upgraded hydrostatic pumps for extended life, durability, and faster ground speeds. The control panel is all to the operator’s right, very easy to operate, and color-coded. Red is for your throttle and black for your choke. These mowers come standard with an hour meter. This hour meter has four different functions, it has a safety system where the machine levers must be in neutral, the PTO system disengaged, and the parking brake set with the operator in the seat. So, if you left your mower the control panel will flash to tell you that’s why the machine won’t turn over and tells you to turn your PTO switch off.

Also, these machines have a 12-volt charging light so if there was a problem with the charging system it’ll tell you on the control panel. The Radius E series have an electric PTO clutch for ease of operation and standard belt life and all the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders do come standard with a 12-volt plug. The Exmark Radius E series uses Exmark’s engine designed for commercial application. A lot of great commercial features include a V-Twin overhead valve design, developed in twenty four and a half horsepower, nice large air filter assembly, 2 barrel carburetor for more consistent performance, and like all Exmark engines they have the no tool oil change system. You just pull your tube to drain your oil and you have easy access to check your oil with a dipstick to make sure it’s set to the proper level.

Since commercial operators like to be able to access everything very easily you have a fuel filter so it’s easy to see if you did have some bad fuel or if you have a dirty filter and easy to get to your battery if you should have any maintenance or battery issues. All the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders have the roll bar as a standard feature. This provides added safety for the operator. There is also a seat belt you can utilize with the roll bar. If you have a storage issue and don’t have the height, it’s very easy to just twist the two knobs on the inside of the bar and fold the roll bar down to get it into a storage space. It’s very easy to pop back up and lock back into place as well.

Exmark Radius E Series zero turn riders

Some of the key differences from the Radius E series to the S series include the engine which has a larger canister air filtering system to give you much longer times between having to clean your air filter assembly. The mowers got to a 20-inch high-back seat versus the 18 inches with additional padding for additional comfort. There are also larger drive tires which are 23 inches instead of the 22. This increases your ground speed from 8 mph to 9 mph, so it’s a little more productive.

To be able to mow at those higher speeds Exmark added a suspension platform system so you have a spring in the front and two in the back. Your whole frame assembly is suspended by the springs so the idea behind this is on rough terrain it gives you added comfort, and this is fully adjustable based on the weight of the operator. In position five this would give you the most suspension whereas a one would be used by a lighter operator or if the terrain is not real rough so it’s not quite as stiff as the position five. This system gives you a range of adjustments to make based on your conditions and the weight of the operator.

When you get on the machine the whole platform is suspended so it gives you more of a rocking effect to eliminate the jarring and it really helps people with back issues, it provides much more comfort.

Exmark Radius X Series zero turn riders

To round out the Radius line is the X series. This is the top of the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders line. What they do here is go to a larger drive tire as well, a 24-inch tire to give you ground speeds up to 10 mph. The tires are exceptionally productive, but the big thing is they go to a Series 4 deck versus a Series 3. The Series 3 is structurally as durable as a Series 4, but the Series 4 really built Exmark’s reputation as a premium commercial mower brand. The Series 4 deck is four inches deep to give you more airflow under the deck for those heavy mowing conditions so you’re able to maintain those high ground speeds and those heavy conditions and still receive an exceptional quality cut.

Also, when you go into the X series there is a knob on the front of the seat. These mowers have an adjustable suspension seat, just dial in the weight as shown on the dial and that gives you a full suspension right in the seat. It’s exceptionally comfortable, high back, a lot of padding for additional support, exceptional for those higher ground speeds and tougher mowing conditions.

To the back of the machines there is the Kawasaki FX series engine. The FX is the commercial grade Kawasaki engine that has been a proven performer for years in the commercial industry. This engine comes standard on the Radius X series zero turns. There’s also a canister filter but it’s a much larger canister. There again, they are true commercial mowers, so it gives you long run times even in those dusty, tough mowing conditions before you have to clean the air filter cartridge.

All the Exmark Radius series zero turn riders are available with mulch kits, striping kits for the back, and different bagging options from a simple side bag to two or three bag deluxe bagging systems with power assists for exceptional bagging performance.


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