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Exmark Mowers: Measuring Mower Productivity

The productivity of your Exmark mower matters. As a landscape professional, you know how important speed and efficiency is when it comes to getting yard work done quickly. You also know speed isn’t the only important factor when selecting a new mower. Comfort, durability, cut quality, and ergonomics, among others, are important as well.

Business owners know time is money. By choosing the right mower(s) you can save both time and money. It’s important to remember that the investment you make in a new mower doesn’t impact your bottom line as much as other operational costs.

Exmark’s legendary durability, high performance and low maintenance will save you time and money. Additionally, reduced downtime, overall operating costs and resale value make choosing an Exmark a wise business decision. Your Exmark will allow you to concentrate on customer service and sales instead of mower repair bills so you can continue to build your business and keep valuable customers.

Exmark mowers are durable, efficient and reliable, and can increase your profits by:

  • Reduced downtime losses
  • Lowered repair costs
  • Higher resale value
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Increased employee productivity

Downtime, maintenance and labor account for 75% of production costs for landscape professionals.

Exmark Mowers: Measuring Mower Productivity


There are a lot of variables that can impact the productivity of your Exmark, but it’s easy to determine the potential of your mower if you know the cutting/application width and the speed that it’s designed to run. offers productivity charts for mowers that help determine a mower’s potential, or the gains you can expect from a new mower.

Exmark Mowers: Measuring Mower Productivity


Exmark Mowers: Measuring Mower ProductivityExmark Mowers: Measuring Mower Productivity

Exmark publishes productivity numbers at two efficiency levels: 100% and 80%. This is because most landscape professionals operate at closer to 80% efficiency. You can’t mow at full speed all the time and the 80% figure more accurately reflects the everyday reality.

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