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BOSS D-Force

Back drag plows allow you to scrape more cleanly and efficiently, especially in wet snow. Pair with BOSS D-Force for a huge boost in productivity.

Improve your back drag performance by adding D-Force to your plow. D-Force is available for all new Super-Duty, Standard-Duty and HTX straight-blade plows, and 8’2″ and 9’2″ DXT V-plows.

D-Force allows you to keep your blade in contact with the pavement to maintain the constant hydraulic down force to improve scraping performance during backdragging.

Using D-Force is simple. Pull up to an area you want to plow and put the plow in float mode either by pressing and holding the down function for 2 seconds or by double tapping the down function, so the red LED is displayed. Double tap the down function again to activate D-Force. The LED will switch to orange and the power unit will run, applying down force to the cutting edge through the lift cylinder.

The D-Force system uses different components from BOSS’ standard straight-blade plows, including a new hand controller, hydraulic manifold, and hydraulic accumulator. The hydraulic manifold features an additional relief valve to control hydraulic pressure when down force is applied.

BOSS D-Force is a patented system. The use of an accumulator and the ability to maintain down force over uneven terrain is unique to this system.

Adding D-Force to your fleet will increase productivity by allowing single pass scrapes and saving valuable time.

BOSS D-Force is an optional accessory on new truck plow purchases and must be added at the time of purchase. Excludes EXT, Heavy-Duty, Trip-Edge and Drag Pro plows.

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