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How to Prepare your Lawn for Winter

During the colder months, we know lawn care is not top of mind. That’s why now is the perfect time to tend to your lawn and make it healthy for next spring. Here are some tips to prepare your lawn for winter.

Prepare your Lawn for Winter Tip # 1 – Keep mowing.

Even though winter is approaching, continue to mow your lawn throughout the fall. During this time, mow but keep grass tall. Tall grass helps keep moisture during warmer temperatures. Mowing high also decreases turf damage from mowing too short, the grass is more drought tolerant, and more weed and grub-tolerant.

Prepare your Lawn for Winter Tip # 2 – Take care of weeds.

Weeds are a constant problem for some during the spring and summer. Fall is the right time to get rid of these unwanted plants for good. During this time of year, weeds tend to absorb anything they can, including herbicides so spray the correct herbicide for the weed taking over your lawn to ensure they won’t come back next year.

Prepare your Lawn for Winter Tip # 3 – Remove leaves.

We all know to expect leaf-covered lawns in the fall. However, when leaves fall do not let them sit and pile up. Don’t wait until trees have shed all their leaves as they will trap much needed moisture. When that happens, your lawn will suffocate and can become a breeding ground for fungus.

Everyone has a different opinion on the best way to dispose of leaves. Is it quicker to bag or to mulch? Should you shred leaves before hauling them away? Whether you rake, bag, or mulch leaves is up to you. Just make sure you utilize some leaf removal method before snow hits.

Prepare your Lawn for Winter Tip # 4 – Fertilize.

It’s good to fertilize your lawn throughout the year, but it’s critical to do so in fall. It’s best to wait until mid- to late-fall and come spring, the fertilizer you applied in fall will kick-start your lawn’s growth.

While there are a variety of blended fertilizers in stores, fertilizing starts with your mower. Mow your lawn as you normally would and leave the finely-chopped grass clippings on your lawn as mulch. Mulching allows the grass to naturally decompose while allowing nutrients to reach your soil and improve the health of your lawn.

Prepare your Lawn for Winter Tip # 5 – Aerate.

Aerating is highly beneficial for your lawn. Aerating involves punching holes into the lawn to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the soil. The goal of aeration is to loosen compacted soil and is needed for lawns that experience a lot of foot traffic and construction.

Plan to aerate when the ground is moist and easy to work with.

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