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Should You Mulch or Bag Leaves?

It’s that time of year. Is it better to mulch your leaves or bag them?

Ask the experts at Weingartz!

It’s time to take care of those leaves.

Many people will ask should I mulch or should I bag? Unfortunately it’s not a simple answer.

It depends on the amount of leaves and how offer you’re able to get out there to get them taken care of. If the leaves are light it’s easier just to leave them down.

Mowers today do a great job mulching, just chop them up and leave them down. If you’re not able to get out there as often and the leaves are a little bit deeper you want to put the bag on so you get them cleaned up.

Most mowers today offer easy options to switch from mulching to bagging with either a flip of the lever or inserting a plug for mulching.

Also at the end of the year, it’s a good time to put the bag on if you want to clean up the yard for that final cleanup so it looks good for the winter.

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