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How to Replace the Auger Belt on a Single Stage Snow Blower

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Winter is coming and you need to start preparing for it now. Now is the perfect time to break out your snow blower and inspect it for issues that need repair before snow hits the ground. Some issues, such as a damaged blade or auger belt, will prevent your machine from properly removing snow. A snow blower that cannot remove snow is essentially useless so use this guide to help  you replace the auger belt on your machine and avoid being buried in inches of snow when winter is here.

Safety Precautions – Before performing any repair or maintenance on your Toro single stage snow blower:

  • Shut off the snow blower engine
  • Allow the engine to become cool to the touch
  • Disconnect the spark plug lead wire from the engine to prevent accidental starting

Tools you’ll need:

  • Socket
  • Ratchet
  • Electric drill (optional)
  • Brush
  • New belt

Here’s what to do:

The auger belt is located behind the auger cover; therefore you’ll need to remove the cover. Remove the bolts that are holding the belt cover on using a socket and ratchet or an electric drill. Once the bolts are removed, take the auger cover off.

Remove the old belt and use a brush to clean out any belt shavings. Put the new belt onto the breaking mechanism. Place the belt around the auger drive pulley. Pull the idler down and go around the plastic bushing that is a part of the braking system on auger. Lastly, place the new belt around the engine belt.

Ensure that the new belt is on firmly. If the belt is too loose, it will need to be adjusted. Locate the adjustment cable.

Remove the cable from the handle and remove the cover from the bracket. Remove the cable from the current hole and move it down a couple of holes. Put the cover back over the bracket and slide the cable back into the handle.

After you properly tension the cable, replace the belt cover and bolts. Lastly, reattach the engine spark plug wire.

Just as your motor vehicle needs regular maintenance and upkeep, so does your snow blower. Occasionally your snow blower will have an issue that a pre-snow tune-up or end-of season repair won’t fix. It’s normal for your machine to have a hiccup every now and again but remember, where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution.

If you prefer not to perform any snow blower maintenance yourself, bring it to us and we’ll perform the speedy repair.

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