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Mulching Tips For May

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We are in the midst of the heaviest growing season of the year for your lawn. There has been a decent amount of rain and the temperatures are starting to rise, making for ideal grass growing conditions. These conditions make lawns healthier and beautiful, but they can also make it difficult to keep up with mowing as it seems like your lawn needs to be cut every other day. This can be particularly challenging for those of us who mulch our grass. The heavy, thick grass can make a mulched up mess if it is not mowed properly, here are some tips to utilize mulch and deal with these difficult conditions:

Mulching Tip #1 – Mow when the grass is dry. Grass stores a lot of water naturally and even more when it is growing this quickly, so try to avoid mowing when the morning dew is on the ground or soon after rain. This can cause mulched clippings to clump up and not disperse evenly.

Mulching Tip #2 – Only cut 1 inch of the grass blade off at a time. This will keep the clippings at a size that can be easily decomposed and returned as nutrients. If the length of the lawn gets away from you, it is okay to mow 1 inch off and then take another inch off immediately after – the size of the clippings is a bigger issue than the total volume.

Mulching Tip #3 - Mow at a slightly higher height. As the weather warms up, it is recommended to keep your grass a little higher to make it less susceptible to problems from heat or lack of water.

Mulching Tip #4 – Maintain a sharp mower blade. This is a common recommendation in our articles, but it is really helpful to have a sharp mower blade to cleanly cut the lawn instead of jaggedly tear it.

Mulching Tip #5 - Remove old mulch when re-mulching. If you’re considering re-mulching beds or other areas, remove some of the old mulch first. Some may mulch three to four times, so it’s recommended to remove some of the mulch that has built up over time.

Mulching Tip #6 - Try organic mulch. Organic mulches include leaves, wood chips, softwood bark, hardwood, and pine needles. These mulches provide nutrients, and improve soil structure and quality.

Mulching Tip #7 – Don’t forget your trees. Place an even layer of mulch around the trunk of your trees. This will cover the soil around the trees’ roots, improve the soil as it decays, discourage foot traffic and power tools. Make sure you spread mulch evenly without piling it against the bark, which can lead to rot and disease.

These tips will help you with mulching throughout the spring and summer. Mulching is tremendously beneficial to the health of your lawn and can be done all season long.


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