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Buyer’s Guide to Exmark Quest S Series Zero Turn Riders

Buyer's Guide to Exmark Quest S Series Zero Turn Riders

Exmark is the undisputed leader in commercial mowing and they bought a lot of commercial-grade features and qualities to a residential mower designed for the higher end residential user.

Exmark Quest S Series zero turn riders have nice, large, smooth front tires for less turfing when you turn, and double-sided, heavy-duty forks on the front caster wheels for strength and durability. The nice walk through platform makes it easier to step on the machine. You don’t have to take a big step to get on and off, so it’s easy to step on the front to climb on the perforations for less slip. It gives you a lot of comfort with the footrest forward, or you can lay your feet flat, whatever is most comfortable.

The Exmark Quest S Series zero turn riders have a height of cut, foot assisted, so your foot can help raise and lower the height of the mower. It’s easy to mark your height of cut with the lever on the side of the mower. These zero turns feature nice large lap bar handles for added comfort and a very smooth drive when you move in forward and reverse. These levers are also adjustable. They can move up or down so based on the size of the operator you can lower or raise them for your comfort.

The seat on these Quest S Series mowers easily slide forward and backward, again, accommodating different size operators. There are three springs to give you some added comfort and absorb some of the shock from the terrain. The Exmark control panel is very easy access from the side. These Exmarks also feature a flip up armrest, nice comfort seat, choke and throttle, key switch, hour meter is standard, and the electric PTO switch. The electric PTO switch will engage and disengage your mower deck. This eliminates other pully and linkages, gives you a longer belt life, and is also very easy to operate.

The Exmark Quest S Series zero turn riders have a fabricated mower deck. Decks are available in a 42, 50 inch and 60 inch width based on your application needs. The fabricated decks offer strength and durability like you’d find on some larger commercial machines. The anti-scalp rollers on the corners of the deck are adjustable so if you’re using really high or low height of cuts, it’s easy to adjust, just one volt to move the wheel up or down. The benefit of these anti-scalp rollers is if you hit a high spot when mowing, it just pops the mower deck up to eliminate any scalping in your lawn.

The Quest S Series zero turn riders are an upgrade from your standard mower. They use an upgraded ZT 2800 charged pump system. The charge pump system is for smoother operation and the 2800 series is an upgrade over the standard 2200 for strength and durability. It also gives you increased ground speeds which gives you a ground speed of up to 7 miles per hour, so it makes quick work out of those larger jobs.

Exmark uses their own 708 cc V-Twin engine. Other commercial-grade features that promote longer life include a bearing supported crankshaft, a 2 belt carburetor for more efficient running, and a heavy-duty air filtering system for longer run times before having to clean the air filter. Depending on the model, the engine is available in 22 ½ or 24 ½ horsepower range. For the oil change there’s no tools required, just remove the hose and your oil will drain. The oil filter is easily accessible, it’s right in front. The engine oil check is also easily accessible. It’s marked with the yellow cap which has a dipstick to make sure your oil is filled to the proper level.

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