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Billy Goat Hurricane Blowers

Billy Goat Hurricane Leaf Blowers

Maintaining a clean and neat looking landscape is troublesome when you’re not prepared with the right equipment. When you’re stuck with leaves and other debris, Billy Goat Hurricane Blowers are your best defense.

Billy Goat’s new zero turn stand-on blowers maximize productivity and performance. Billy Goat broadened its family of blowers with the Hurricane X3000 and Z3000 blowers. Hurricane is known for its feature-rich commercial leaf cleanup. The Billy Goat X3000 and Z3000 zero turn radius stand-on blowers take productivity to a new level with unbeatable features including seamless operating controls and directional blowing options.

Ideal for full-size landscapers, parks, schools, estate properties, and sport fields, these blowers deliver best in class performance and productivity to heavy-duty tasks.

Billy Goat Hurricane X3000

The Billy Goat Hurricane X3000 is powered by a 627 cc Vanguard engine and makes quick work of cleanup tasks so more work can be completed faster with less wear on the operator. With robust blowing power and zero-turn maneuverability, this machine rounds up lawn debris in a snap.

 Billy Goat Hurricane Z3000

The Billy Goat Hurricane Z3000 is powered by a 993 cc Vanguard engine and features a blower housing design that draws air from both sides for increased air velocity, less noise, and provides more power to push leaves and debris farther.

Billy Goat Hurricane X3000 and Z3000 Features and Benefits

  • LED Lights for night operation makes cleanup easy during seasons with less daylight.
  • Patented Quad Control Handle System offers seamless forward/reverse direction, automatic return to neutral, integrated operator presence control and a self-activating parking brake.
  • Ergonomic Operator Platform and Thigh Pad offer ease of operation and operator comfort.
  • Patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System allows operators to change the angle of the air flow for deeper and more efficient cleaning.
  • Torsion Mounted Front Axle Assembly handles curbs with ease.
  • Joy Stick Deflector Control allows operators quick and easy control of air flow from left, right or forward directions, just pull the lever back to close flow for transport.
  • Front and Rear Tie Downs offer secure tie-down points for easy transport.
  • Automatic Parking Brake Self activates if you need to briefly step off the machine.

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