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Buyer’s Guide to John Deere X700 Series Lawn and Garden Tractors

Buyer's Guide to John Deere X700 Series Lawn and Garden Tractors

John Deere X700 series lawn and garden tractors are really the premium in garden tractors. When you hear about those old John Deere tractors that have been around for 30 years, this is kind of what you see. The X700 tractors have considerably larger tires, a beefed up heavy-duty front axle, beefed up steering system, and power steering is standard on most models.

John Deere offers a wide range of different engine options from air-cooled engines to liquid cooled gas to a liquid cooled diesel. There are also models available with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering for increased maneuverability.

All John Deere X700 series lawn and garden tractors come standard with the 2-pedal hydrostatic drive transmission for ease of operation. From your control panel you’ll have an adjustable seat, and adjustable backrest, so you can tip it back to find a spot that’s most comfortable for you. The X700 series has hydraulic lift for all your attachments so with the flip of a lever you can raise and lower your attachments, and there’s a portal on the side you can plug in for a hydraulic angling. So, for example, if you had the snow blade attachment, you can hydraulic angle versus having to get off the tractor.

These John Deere tractors are very comfortable and easy machines to operate. They have mechanical differential lock so if you get stuck and the wheels start spinning in the snow or mud for instance, just tap the pedal and it will lock the two rear wheels together to give you exceptional traction. Tilt steering comes standard on these machines and it’s easy to adjust for your comfort. It also makes it easy to get on and off the machine with the tilt steering control panel.

Cruise control comes standard on John Deere X700 series lawn and garden tractors as well. Electric power take-off comes with a 12-volt outlet for plugging items in, so if you need to charge your phone or anything like you that, you can. There are very nice sight lines for a big tractor with the sloped hood. This hood design makes it easy to see your front attachments.

On the John Deere X700 series lawn and garden tractors the mower decks and all your attachments are optional, so you can pick the size tractor and then the size of the deck. For example, you can get a mower deck from 48, 54, on up to a 60-inch deck for those bigger areas. John Deere offers a variety of front and rear attachments.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of different engine options available on the X700 series tractors. The X730 comes with the Kawasaki twin cylinder liquid cooled engine. Liquid cooled engines give you better heat dispersion versus an air-cooled engine and has electronic fuel injection for better cold-weather starts, better fuel economy, more lugging power, and it comes standard. This is the heavier engine, so you’ll receive high efficiency cooling and a better air filtration system. This engine gives you the longer life that you’d expect out of a heavier tractor that’s going to get extended use.

In the X700 series, the X739 has its back wheels turned. This is a four-wheel steer model to give you better maneuverability and this machine also has four-wheel drive for exceptional traction in muddy or snow conditions. Again, John Deere offers a lot of different attachments but what’s unique to the John Deere X700 series tractors is they have a quick hitch system. It’s just a matter of a couple pins, pull the spring load of pins and you can drop the attachments off, quick coupler on the drive shaft so you’re buying a tractor that’s versatile. You want to be able to easily change from your different attachments and this quick hitch enables you to do that. It’s an excellent feature that John Deere offers on their X700 series lawn and garden tractors.

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