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8 Best Practices for Effective Mowing

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During the spring and summer we experience longer, warmer days, and ultimately, more time spent mowing the yard. You know that maintaining a well-kept and healthy lawn is important, but do you know the best way to mow to keep your lawn in mint condition? You can lessen your yard work time by utilizing these practices for effective mowing.

Mowing Tip #1 – Take care of your mower

Don’t attempt to mow the lawn if your mower is not in good shape. Make sure any maintenance or repairs have been performed, and make sure your mower has sharp blades. Dull blades are an ineffective way to mow and they can damage your lawn.

Mowing Tip #2 – Clear debris before mowing

Before cutting the grass, remove debris like small bits of trash and sticks from your yard. Anything that is too big for your mower to mulch will cause problems for the mower and even create safety hazards.

Mowing Tip #3 – Mow in the morning

It’s not a necessity, but it is recommended to mow earlier in the day. It’s better for your grass and the cooler temperatures are better for you.

Mowing Tip #4 – Choose the correct mowing height

Be mindful of how low you cut the grass. It’s best to remove no more than 1/3 of height of your grass when mowing. Grass struggles to recover when you cut off more than a third of its height in a single mowing. Continuous short mowings will weaken your lawn and leave room for weeds to grow.

Mowing Tip #5 – Do not mow wet grass

Sunshine and rain are good for your lawn as they keep it healthy and promote grass growth. However, it’s a bad idea to mow the lawn after it rains because wet grass can cause clumping and ruts. Mowing wet grass also leaves your lawn more vulnerable to certain diseases.

Mowing Tip #6 – Change directions when mowing

Alternate your mowing pattern to prevent lawn damage. The pattern change will control coarse grass and create even surfaces. Ultimately, different patterns promote a healthy lawn, and additionally, add an aesthetically pleasing design.

Mowing Tip #7 – Keep grass clippings

Allowing grass clippings to stay on your lawn after mowing allows nutrients to return to the soil. Consider blowing grass clippings back onto your lawn after mowing. This keeps them off your drive and walkways, and off your neighbor’s property.  This also gives your yard a neat, manicured look.

Mowing Tip #8 – Call on the pros

Lawn care professionals have the knowledge and skills to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. If you find yourself with questions or come across an issue that doesn’t fit your regular lawn maintenance routine, don’t hesitate to call on the pros.


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