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Buyer’s Guide to Toro TimeCutter HD Series Zero Turn Riders

Buyer's Guide to Toro TimeCutter HD Series Zero Turn Riders

Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders boast incredible features including heavy-duty rear engine guards, washout ports, dual hydrostatic drive systems, and a braking system that automatically stops the mower deck and sets the parking brake when you need to get off the mower while keeping the engine running. These zero turns are designed for both homeowners and landscape professionals looking for powerful and durable machines. Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders also provide enhanced comfort while  delivering the performance and reliability needed to handle tough yard tasks.

The Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders are a nice step up from the standard Toro TimeCutter SS or TimeCutter MX series mowers. The HD series are similar to the Toro Titan mowers or some of your other commercial mowers, so they kind of fit in the middle for somebody who wants a little more machine without going into full-fledged commercial grade machine.

The Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders feature a standard platform or the very popular, what Toro calls, MyRide suspension system. The MyRide suspension system basically uses twin shocks on the rear of the machine with a shock in the middle so your platform is suspended, and this is adjustable to accommodate different weight operators or different mowing conditions. To adjust the shock, you just slide your shock system over.

When you’re on the Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders with MyRide you’ll get more of a rocking motion, so the machine takes a lot of the pressure off your back. These are very comfortable machines to operate. If you have rougher conditions the MyRide suspension system would be a nice option to look at.

We mentioned that the Toro TimeCutter HD series is kind of in-between a residential and commercial machine. Some other feature with the Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders are larger front wheel tires. The TimeCutter HD series have an upgraded ZT 3100 transmission. The double-sided caster forks provide durability while the wider, smooth front casters offer less turfing.

The mower deck on the Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders is not always fabricated. These mowers have a deeper, heavier duty deck with heavier duty spindles and belts to give you added durability. On many of the Toro TimeCutter HD mowers, you’ll find the Toro commercial V-Twin engine either in a 22 ½ or 24 ½ horse configuration. These are nice, upgraded features from your base engine. The Toro TimeCutter HD series zero turn riders have high torque levels and are extremely durable.


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