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Homeowners and professionals have come to rely on Toro snow blowers because they combine power and durability to efficiently remove snow during the winter. These portable machines are great for small, paved surfaces and driveways, as well as medium and large driveways. They're designed to deliver superior power, maneuverability and user-friendly controls. These features help you stay ahead of the rough winter weather, clearing more snow per minute without physical limitations. These high-quality machines save more time, getting you back into the warmth faster.  

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  • Superior Power: Toro snow blowers have an advanced air-intake system that allows for increased engine performance while decreasing the intake of dirt and debris
  • Reduce the likelihood of clogging while working through deep snow while maximizing clearing efficiency
  • Serrated augers designed to cut throw tough snow
  • Manages wet, heavy snow
  • Clearing width up to 24 inches
  • Move up to 1,900 pounds of snow per minute
  • Throwing distance up to 45 feet
  • Maximum power: offers an essential power-to-width ratio to move more snow in less time
  • Designed to withstand the demands of heavy use year after year
  • Clears everything from decks, walkways and patios to concrete, asphalt and gravel driveways
  • Cord Lock System on electric models: prevents cord from unplugging during use 
  • Locking Control Handles: keep one hand free to adjust the chute without stopping





Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 R 38741  with 212 cc Toro OHV engine is equipped with a 21-inch clearing width to move up to 1,900 pounds of snow per minute. Great for small, paved surfaces, this self-propelled machine will clear up to nine inches of snow from driveways that fit four to eight cars.  Read More

Toro Snow Blower Power Max HD 1028 OHXE 38802  with 302 cc Toro Premium OHV engine, power steering, and electric start is designed to move six or more inches of snow from large driveways. Equipped with a 28-inch clearing width, this heavy-duty snowblower also includes a commercial-grade auger gearbox and built-in headlight.  Read More

Toro Snow Blower 1500 Power Curve 38371  with 12-amp motor delivers powerful performance in a compact, lightweight machine. At just 25 pounds, this easy-to-maneuver, electric snow blower features a 15-inch clearing width and 25-foot throwing distance for efficient snow removal. In addition, an ergonomic directional control handle increases operator comfort and convenience, while a two-year full warranty keeps this Toro snow blower running season after season.  Read More

Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751  with 212 cc premium 4-cycle engine is a compact machine that packs plenty of power for easy snow removal. Equipped with a 21” clearing width, this best-selling Toro model tackles snow to quickly finish routine tasks. Toro’s Power Curve® system also uses a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing to move more snow in less time, while a Power Propel® drive system moves the machine forward for you. Plus, with a 2-year full warranty, the Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751 is poised for performance for years to come.  Read More

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Toro snow blowers are built for productivity and sustainability to handle your personal and professional outdoor environment tasks. These snow blowers are crafted to tackle various amounts of snowfall and clear different types of terrain, making them perfect for both commercial and residential properties. Known for their performance and dependability, Toro has a snow blower that will fit your needs, from lightweight electric and single stage blowers that work well on smaller and mid-sized driveways to heavy-duty two stage models that clear deep snow from larger areas. When buying a snow blower it is critical to cover all your bases. Keep in mind the terrain you're working on, the amount of  snow you need to clear, and the size of the area that needs to be cleared. Toro snow blowers are built with these aspects in mind.

Toro Electric snow blowers are a lightweight yet powerful alternative to gas-powered blowers. They're ideal for decks, sidewalks and driveways that can park up to 4 cars, throwing snow up to 30 feet.  Single Stage snow blowers are are also lightweight and easy to maneuver, but ideal for mid-sized driveways that can park up to 8 cars, clearing up to 9 inches of snow at a time. Toro Two Stage snow blowers work best on concrete, asphalt and gravel driveways that can park up to 10 cars. This robust machine clears up to 12 inches of snow at a time, and maintains a throwing distance up to 40 feet. 

All Toro snow blowers are built for your convenience and designed with a wide range of unique features like the Quick Stick® chute control, Anti-Clogging System, and Freewheel Power Steering. When it comes to winter maintenance, these durable machines will power through tough snow year after year.  





Just as a motor vehicle must undergo regular maintenance and upkeep, so must your Toro snow blower. Whether it's time for a pre-snow tune-up, end-of season storage, or a mid-season repair, Weingartz is here to help. See our helpful model guides.

Toro Snow Blower Model Guides

Here are some basic Snow Blower maintenance tips to help your winter run smoothly


Toro takes pride in helping to improve not only the beauty, but the sustainability and efficiency of your property. Offering a wide range of products, homeowners, professional contractors, rental companies, and other institutions  trust this brand to handle the heavy lifting. Toro has a reputation of housing productive, durable and efficient snow equipment that successfully clears inches of snow during each winter season. These products combine reliability with convenient features to deliver high-quality, easy-to-use machines. Toro continues to satisfy the demands of customers, producing innovative equipment that minimize outdoor workloads, giving you more time to relax.  


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